Channel 4 Radio Network was launched in June 1997 and remains the first ever commercial radio network in the United Arab Emirates. Innovation and effectiveness have always been the key to our business and with the change in the media landscape of the region, we’re giving listeners a great new way of interacting with the station while implementing our strategy to develop new revenue modules. Having being accorded the highest listenership ratings* in the region, our stations include prominent brands such as 104.8 Channel 4FM, 89.1 Radio 4FM, 107.8 Al Rabia FM, Gold 101.3 FM.

Channel 4 Radio Network is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ajman Independent Studios LLC.

Our brands are at the heart of what we do and create valuable connections between you, our customers and our consumers.  Our intention is to create radio’s future in the region and within our broad portfolio of programming and content you will see new and exciting services sitting alongside our trusted and proven heritage stations.

With a combined audience of around 4 million+, we can offer you unrivalled access to commercial radio’s listeners.  We also deliver opportunities across the industry for consulting & developing radio in new & existing markets through our team of specialized programming & marketing consultants.