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صباح الخير يا امارات

إذا كنت من عشاق الإبتسامة والطاقة الإيجابية، إبدأ يومك مع راكيل وجاد في صباح الخير يا إمارات مجلة صباحية منوعة غنية بمواضيع شيقة وتثقيفية، أخبار طريفة ومسابقات وجوائز.

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الرابعة و الناس

البرنامج الإذاعي رقم 1 في الإمارات والأكثر استماعاً بدون منازع. برنامج اجتماعي يمثل حلقة الوصل بين الناس والمسؤولين في الدولة، حيث ينقل أبو راشد ملاحظات الناس التي يتلقاها على الهواء مباشرة إلى المسؤولين. وقد نجح البرنامج بلا شك في مساعدة الكثيرين على حل الصعاب التي واجهتهم

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بريك تايم

نافذة لكل عشاق الموسيقى الأصيلة والطرب الراقي، نطل من خلالها على آخر وأهم الأخبار الفنية ونستمع إلى أجمل أغاني عمالقة الطرب العربي وآخر إصدارات الفنانين.

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  بعد عناء يوم طويل في العمل، سلام ترافقكم ع الطريق بمنوعات غنائية وحديث جاذب يبعث البهجة. سلام رح تختصرلكن زحمة الطريق وعناء الترحال بنصائح وأخبار خفيفة، إضافة إلى أبرز الفعاليات الترفيهية والثقافية العائلية في الإمارات.  

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ورانا ايه

برنامج ورانا ايه مع خليل

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Channel4 FM Shows

The Homerun With Eve

A true UAE radio legend Eve has been with Channel 4 for 8 years and delivered to adoring audiences on every day part. But she’s happiest on The Home Run from 5pm getting listeners home with her upbeat drive time banter. She’s Channel 4’s biggest influencer and loves beauty, lifestyle, health, fitness and her cat Buddy.…

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Afternoon With Fares

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Morning With Jade

Say hello to your new best friend to get you through the morning! Jade is with you weekdays from 10am until 1pm on 104.8 Channel 4. She’s got all the latest celeb gossip and silly stories to keep you going. Jade is full of life and always says YES! From earning her motorbike license to…

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Breakfast With JJ & Nimi

Their morning mission is laughter pure and simple. Making each other laugh, and the callers and the listeners, and it works a treat. For the past 4 years JJ & Nimi have been waking up the UAE with their unique and infections banter and silliness including some of the regions best loved games which listeners…

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Radio4 FM Shows

Most Wanted With Abhijeet

It’s your man with the plan A.B.H.I.J.E.E.T! Most Wanted with Abhijeet is the U.A.E’s Biggest LIVE Request Show that’s full of energy, Interaction, Giveaways and of course plays favourite songs for you! The Show features some popular segments namely – Survey Sundays, Musical Mondays, Topical Tuesdays, Weird Wednesdays and Thumping Thursdays on weekdays. Each of these…

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Front Row With Faizan

If you’e a filmy buff then the Front Row is the show for you. Satisfy your hunger for filmy gyan served on a platter full of wit and humour on weekdays with Faizan, who has the gift of gab, the presence of mind and the personality to entertain. Get your daily dose of Bollywood action and melodious…

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Hashtag Trending With Shruti

In today’s world, life is all about being seen and heard and being noticed on the Social Media. So, with social being the central theme, we present you with our brand new show ‘Hashtag Trending’ with Shruti. Hashtag Trending will keep you entertained and updated as you run through the motions in a hectic work…

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Kickstart With Arpit & Bhairavi

Whichever side of the bed you wake up from, will be the right side because your mornings are about to get lit up. Arpit and Bhairavi are as real as they come, smart, fun and intelligent they talk all things relevant to UAE. Kickstart is the show which will be made by the people of…

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Gold FM Shows


Get to know about all the latest updates on Sunset drive with Meera Nandan. Perfect combo of tunes and thoughts to make your evening’s positive. Don’t miss out on this as you can follow all the hip & happenings in town, filled with good vibes & nice times! “Sunset Drive “| 6PM – 9 PM only…

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What’s Up UAE

If you’re suffering from a boring mid-day, no planned weekend, and desperately need a guide to a balanced lifestyle, “What’s UP UAE” is the show for you. Here at What’s UP UAE , you will be covered on the latest hit films, viral social media vids, fashion, fitness, and hottest happenings in town, phone apps, and…

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Driving in the morning

Get an amazing start for the day with the awesome duo RJ Vysakh & RJ Samira! The perfect Stressbuster and energy booster on your drive to the office. City updates, traffic information, games, we have got it all covered. Yes! That’s right! Morning Drive, Your one-stop destination for an ultimate fun drive. Tune in to…

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